Interview Format and Questions

Our interview will be 35 minutes to an hour in length.

I believe the best interviews are great conversations.

To help balance both needs please fill out the pre-interview questionnaire.

Part 1: Your expertise. (25 – 35 minutes)

After a brief introduction and a time zone check in. I’ll start asking you questions about your topic.

You are the star of the podcast so the goal is for you to do more of the talking.

The interview format I use is called Question, Listen, Comment.

I’ll ask you a question. I’ll then ask you a follow-up question about something you said. Then I’ll add a comment if I feel like it will add to the conversation.

It’s a pretty natural back and forth. Rather than a game of 20 questions that take us a mile wide and an inch deep, my goal is to be present, be curious and pull out your best insights.

Common questions may include:
  • Tell me about your topic?
  • Why is this topic important to you/to our listeners?
  • How did you get started? Talk me through it.
  • What are the common myths?
  • What are some fears people have around your topic?
  • What are common objections to doing things (advice) this way?
  • Who will get the most out of this advice?
  • What do people struggle with? What are some roadblocks to watch out for?
  • What support or resources are available?
  • What can people expect to achieve by doing things (advice) this way?
Follow up questions may include
  • What was important to you about that?
  • What did that feel like?
  • That’s really interesting – can you tell me more?
  • What else should I know about that?

Part 2: Where can the audience find out more about you and/or your brand. (1 -2 minutes)

This is your chance to share your website, book, course, social media, cause or and resource you would like people to check out. We’ll also be sure to put this information in the shownotes so folks can easily find it.

We hope this conversation will shine a light on you and your work.

Part 3: Final thoughts and response to quote.

I ask one final question to every guest. My favorite quote is “ It’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to. So, (GUEST) what do you answer to?” You can respond seriously or make a joke. Whatever feels the most authentic.

Editing away!

“ It’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to. So, what do you answer to?”

— Let’s Talk About This Offline Podcast